5 weird, fail proof things new moms need to know.


  • These leafy greens deserve more credit than they get. During the early days of breast feeding, you can alleviate and soothe moderate breast engorgement by applying cabbage leaves in your bra. Certainly puts a new spin to the term stuffed cabbage.


  • Yup. This is your key to getting rid of severe breast engorgement, especially during the 3-6 month breast feeding mile marker. It ain’t pretty but it works.
  • Ok, no matter how I’ve tried to re-word or describe this technique, it still sounds a little risque, so ladies if you want more details. Email me!

Elimination Communication

  • A gentle, non-coercive way to respond to a baby’s natural pottying needs, from birth. ECsimplified is one of the most helpful resource I’ve found on this subject. Please feel free to buy Andrea’s book, with the money you’ll save from not buying diapers, it’ll be worth the investment.

Egg Whites

  • Accidents happen when you lack sleep. If and when a burn occurs – regardless of the intensity, run the injured part under running cold water until the heat subsides. Next apply this common household ingredient over the injury. You will be surprised with the results. Do what you want with the yolk but I usually throw in a few more eggs and make me some tasty french toast.
  • Just a few days ago, Noah side-swiped a hot teapot and spilled some hot water on his cheeks. Lucky for me, someone at home was making coconut shrimp and was using egg whites. I applied some on Noah’s face. At the end of the night, there was hardly any trace of redness, burns or reside of the burn.

Freeze dried fruit

  • Easy for babies to grab, not too messy and a healthy snack for kids to enjoy. A real miracle saver if you are signing baby up for swimming lessons. I find babies tend to get real antsy during change times. Often times, you’ll hear a symphony of babies screaming but not if you’re a smart mom who brought some snacks! With Mrs. May’s freeze dried fruit, Noah is a happy camper and so is Mommy. Works for shopping at the grocery stores, long car or stroller rides and hiking trips.

What are some of your weird fail proof advice?

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