About Us



David Enge graduated from Simon Fraser University with a degree in Communications.

Words to describe him: Intense, creative, wise, punny, pure-hearted and mischievous (like a dolphin).
Likes: Ultimate frisbee, mixin’ his food, thunderstorms and making Noah cry
Dislikes: People wearing dark clothing at night, bad traffic signage and rice



Melina Enge graduated from Emily Carr University of Arts + Design with a degree in Media.

Words to describe her: Curious, abstract-thinker, joyful and motherly

Likes: The ocean, spicy food and Noah’s giggles
Dislikes: Wet socks and action movies that make her dizzy.



Noah Enge is 9 months old and is in the midst of graduating out of his diapers.

Words to describe him: Cheeky, tenacious and detail-oriented.

Likes: Ripping things apart, tasty food, Smooshee (our stinky white dog), balls and eating oranges.
Dislikes: Retro looking hyper-realistic toy animals, kiwis, gravity.