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“Justice is when we take the incredible blessings we have received and we learn how to bless others in a way that isn’t charity, but is development” – Tre Shepard

Justice Water aims to empower developing communities with multipliable and sustainable water technologies, using resources that are available, affordable and acceptable to their culture and region. Since 2011, Justice Water has provided over 5000 people with clean drinking water around the world through projects and fundraising efforts. See us in action on this interactive map.

Melina and I will be volunteering with Justice Water as the team prepares to launch the Training manual on how to build water related projects in developing nations using local resources.Ripple Effect in Fall 2012. In addition to making videos like the one above, other projects that we’ll be working on include the following:

  Rain Catchment is simple in construction and a very inexpensive solution. Depending on tank size and rainfall, tanks can provide up to 100-600 people with clean drinking water

Bio-Sand filters are very simple in design. They are cheap to construct and can filter up to 99% of disease causing pathogens.

Bio-Sand filters are very simple in design. They are cheap to construct and can filter up to 99% of disease causing pathogens.


Sanitation alone can reduce water related deaths by up to 35%. Latrines can cost as little as $20.Diarrhea kills 18 million people every year. 90% of these are children. A sustained effort to make Oral Hydration Solution (ORS) available and the standard in developing countries, can potentially solve the majority of this problem.

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The Liquid gold project is an attempt to make honey a sustainable food source in rural communities and set up businesses where wax byproducts can be sold.
  • PHASE 1: Learn what it takes to become a keeper of bees
  • PHASE 2: Sell honey and start a bee awareness campaign. 100% profits to go toward a Kiva project relating to honeybees
  • PHASE 3: Develop a a training manual in partnership with other beekeepers that can 1) teach locals in developing nations about the health benefits of honey and 2) train them how to keep bees as a sustainable food source and viable business



I filmed this video as part of a promo piece for Justice Water in Kona, Hawaii to demonstrate how the Moringa seed can filter water. Thank you Zach Smalls for being an excellent hand model

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