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The Liquid gold project is an attempt to make honey a sustainable food source in rural communities and set up businesses where wax byproducts can be sold.
  • PHASE 1: Learn what it takes to become a keeper of bees
  • PHASE 2: Sell honey and start a bee awareness campaign. 100% profits to go toward a Kiva project relating to honeybees
  • PHASE 3: Develop a a training manual in partnership with other beekeepers that can 1) teach locals in developing nations about the health benefits of honey and 2) train them how to keep bees as a sustainable food source and viable business



I filmed this video as part of a promo piece for Justice Water in Kona, Hawaii to demonstrate how the Moringa seed can filter water. Thank you Zach Smalls for being an excellent hand model

More videos and blog content to come!!