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Gee, I didn’t know that

1. Honey bees are assigned jobs based on their age
  • 1-2 days old: spend their time cleaning cells, starting with the one they were born in, and keeping the brood warm
  • 3-11 days old: feed other larvae
  • 12-17 days old: produce wax, build combs, carry food
  • 18-21 days: perform guard duty and protect the hive entrance
  • 22-45 days: collect pollen, nectar, water
2. Honey bees can do calculus

The honey Bee performs a dance to communicate where to find food and water. Scientists have shown that bees take into consideration the geometry of the earth in relation to the sun over time when communicating directions to a food source. Watch the bee dance.

3. Honey bees can go the distance

A bee will fly up to 7 kms in search for food. She would only need one ounce of honey to fly 40,000 kms. That’s once around the world. Collectively, a hive will fly a total of 88,000 kms to collect one pound of honey. That same pound of honey would be made from approximately two million flowers.

4. There can only be one queen

A colony of bees consists of 20,000-60,000 honeybees and one queen. If the queen dies, as long as there are larvae under 3 days old, worker bees will convert one of the larvae into a new queen bee. Changing queens will also change the personality and behaviour of the hive.

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