• Papaye

From Haiti with love

David is in Haiti right now, travelling with the Justice Water team and will be away from our family for a total of 20 days!

He wrote me a short e-mail, but I thought it would be inspiring to share his thoughts on his first few days on the field!

“It’s so neat to see “The Ripple Effect” happening here in Haiti. What we once dreamed about is becoming a reality as locals we’ve trained are now training others. One amazing story is about 3 people in a remote village called Papaye. After watching our team build rain tanks in their community and getting the necessary training, they began to go out into a neighbouring village an hour away to built a rain tank without any direct involvement from the Justice Water team, simply because they appreciated the gift of clean water. They left their jobs, their families, and gave up one week of their time to help the people of Lavee. What an amazing story of how this simple water technology can be replicated by Haitian locals. Because of them, 300 people now have access to clean drinking water in one of the most remote regions of Haiti.”

To read more about the stories of these incredible men, read more on the blog of Justice Water’s pioneers in Haiti.


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