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David is in Haiti right now, travelling with the Justice Water team and will be away from our family for a total of 20 days!

He wrote me a short e-mail, but I thought it would be inspiring to share his thoughts on his first few days on the field!

“It’s so neat to see “The Ripple Effect” happening here in Haiti. What we once dreamed about is becoming a reality as locals we’ve trained are now training others. One amazing story is about 3 people in a remote village called Papaye. After watching our team build rain tanks in their community and getting the necessary training, they began to go out into a neighbouring village an hour away to built a rain tank without any direct involvement from the Justice Water team, simply because they appreciated the gift of clean water. They left their jobs, their families, and gave up one week of their time to help the people of Lavee. What an amazing story of how this simple water technology can be replicated by Haitian locals. Because of them, 300 people now have access to clean drinking water in one of the most remote regions of Haiti.”

To read more about the stories of these incredible men, read more on the blog of Justice Water’s pioneers in Haiti.



  • These leafy greens deserve more credit than they get. During the early days of breast feeding, you can alleviate and soothe moderate breast engorgement by applying cabbage leaves in your bra. Certainly puts a new spin to the term stuffed cabbage.


  • Yup. This is your key to getting rid of severe breast engorgement, especially during the 3-6 month breast feeding mile marker. It ain’t pretty but it works.
  • Ok, no matter how I’ve tried to re-word or describe this technique, it still sounds a little risque, so ladies if you want more details. Email me!

Elimination Communication

  • A gentle, non-coercive way to respond to a baby’s natural pottying needs, from birth. ECsimplified is one of the most helpful resource I’ve found on this subject. Please feel free to buy Andrea’s book, with the money you’ll save from not buying diapers, it’ll be worth the investment.

Egg Whites

  • Accidents happen when you lack sleep. If and when a burn occurs – regardless of the intensity, run the injured part under running cold water until the heat subsides. Next apply this common household ingredient over the injury. You will be surprised with the results. Do what you want with the yolk but I usually throw in a few more eggs and make me some tasty french toast.
  • Just a few days ago, Noah side-swiped a hot teapot and spilled some hot water on his cheeks. Lucky for me, someone at home was making coconut shrimp and was using egg whites. I applied some on Noah’s face. At the end of the night, there was hardly any trace of redness, burns or reside of the burn.

Freeze dried fruit

  • Easy for babies to grab, not too messy and a healthy snack for kids to enjoy. A real miracle saver if you are signing baby up for swimming lessons. I find babies tend to get real antsy during change times. Often times, you’ll hear a symphony of babies screaming but not if you’re a smart mom who brought some snacks! With Mrs. May’s freeze dried fruit, Noah is a happy camper and so is Mommy. Works for shopping at the grocery stores, long car or stroller rides and hiking trips.

What are some of your weird fail proof advice?

 Missions in Hawaii?

You bet!

The truth is Hawaii’s strategically located as a springboard into the nations, bridging the pacific islands and Asia with North America.

In the last 40 years, The University of Nations in Kona has become a training ground for over 50,000 missionaries. This “Combination between global and localglocal” community works with ground-breaking models like the food machine, water for life, justice water, millenium reign energy, and the Maverick flying car, which has helped improve the quality of life for people around the world.

Will it get any better? I think so!

The University of Nations in Kona is building a 30,000 sq. ft transmedia studio, ushering in the next generation of artists to equip and send out. Did you know that Kona has 11 of the the world’s 13 climate zones? Because of this, Lokahi Studios has decided to film, produce and direct a three part trilogy movie based on David and his mighty men. This will put Kona on the map, just like the Lord of the Rings did for New Zealand – creating new jobs, boosting local and international economy.

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The first time I heard about Youth With A MissionYWAM was from a friend who had been doing an outreach in Nepal. There was something about the stories she shared that made me wonder how the poor can have so little and yet possess so much. Years later, Melina started reading books about other missionaries who planted schools, healed the sick, and poured out their life for a cause they felt was greater than themselves. It messed with me to think that someone would give their life for another. If for someone you love, yes. But for a stranger? A thief? A Prostitute? A Murderer? That’s some kind of love.

I reckon it’s the same kind of love Jesus spoke of when he said, “greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” It’s the kind of love that he demonstrated when he gave His life up for others. For me. For you. It’s the kind of love you experience on the inside that completely fills you. It’s the kind of love that wants out.

So In 2009 we decided to check out University of the Nations, a Christian missions training center in Kona, Hawaii. Every year, thousands of students take what they learn and experience in the classroom and go on an outreach of their choosing. The PhotoGenX school had just come back from a 1 year track around the world and produced a video that completely wrecked me.

After watching the video, I couldn’t stop thinking if the reason for my passion in media was so that I could give a voice to the voiceless? What if the reason I’m given so much was so that I can learn to give to others? What if the reason I’m loved was so that I could love others?

This is what YWAM is about – to know God’s love and to make His love known.

In 2010 we decided to join YWAM on a 6 month training program called Justice. We had an amazing time in Haiti providing clean water to villages, teaching english and administering basic healthcare. We even delivered a baby. After our outreach, we served at another YWAM base in Cambodia. We hope to continue our journey and inspire others as we have been inspired by those before us.

May you also be wrecked by love and ruined for the ordinary.


Getting stung by a bee is no fun but having your arm twice the size makes a great story.

Two weeks away from my girls and I start to get antsy. I wonder how they’re doing, if they’re getting enough food and water, if they’re liking their environment, if I’m a good landlord. It’s been 5 weeks since I first started the colony and in just the last 2 weeks, the colony population has exploded. As a newbie, I didn’t expect to see so many guard bees. No wonder I got stung once in the face and four times elsewhere on my arms, hands, and fingers.

Occupational hazard.

Next time I will wear thicker clothing and maybe some pants.


“The Bee Combing”

If you’re like me, you scream and run at the sight of insects (especially spiders…I hate spiders). So who would have imagined that one day I’d become a keeper of insects?

The first time I learned about beekeeping was in Hawaii. We were staying on a friend’s family farm where he kept 5 colonies. One day, my friend the beekeeper invited me to a honey harvest from a nearby hive. As we drove to the site, he started telling me about “his girls” (all worker bees are female). I quickly became fascinated by the process by which a bee converted pollen, nectar, and water into honey – the only food we eat that’s made by an insect.

Then there was the honey harvest – the sweet smell of honey and wood as you burn off the wax with a hot iron…the sight of honey oozing out like liquid gold…and of course, the explosion of euphoria in your mouth as you chew on a honey filled comb.

A month later, I find myself and a couple of other honey-combers at an apiary in Coquitlam, BC. Yes, I wore shorts and sandals. Yes, that is a leaf blower. No, I didn’t get stung. Yes, I float like butterfly.

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1. Honey bees are assigned jobs based on their age
  • 1-2 days old: spend their time cleaning cells, starting with the one they were born in, and keeping the brood warm
  • 3-11 days old: feed other larvae
  • 12-17 days old: produce wax, build combs, carry food
  • 18-21 days: perform guard duty and protect the hive entrance
  • 22-45 days: collect pollen, nectar, water
2. Honey bees can do calculus

The honey Bee performs a dance to communicate where to find food and water. Scientists have shown that bees take into consideration the geometry of the earth in relation to the sun over time when communicating directions to a food source. Watch the bee dance.

3. Honey bees can go the distance

A bee will fly up to 7 kms in search for food. She would only need one ounce of honey to fly 40,000 kms. That’s once around the world. Collectively, a hive will fly a total of 88,000 kms to collect one pound of honey. That same pound of honey would be made from approximately two million flowers.

4. There can only be one queen

A colony of bees consists of 20,000-60,000 honeybees and one queen. If the queen dies, as long as there are larvae under 3 days old, worker bees will convert one of the larvae into a new queen bee. Changing queens will also change the personality and behaviour of the hive.

 Click here for more facts about bees

  • 1600x600_Lamboverme

The Chinese character for “Righteousness” is pictorially composed of two words: A “Lamb” that is written over “Me”.

There is an interesting theory that certain Chinese characters derive their root and meaning from the book of Genesis.  The theory is that after the Great Dispersion following the fall of Tower of Babel, those who migrated eastward would have had knowledge (passed down orally) of stories like Adam and Eve, Cain and Able, The Great Flood, etc, since it was passed down from one generation to another. So following along that thread, it would make sense that perhaps some of these commonly known stories and ideas were translated into pictures, which eventually became words. Google: Chinese characters in Genesis to find out more information.

The word “Righteousness” is a significant word for us because it defines why we do what we do. I believe that at the cross, Jesus imputed His Righteousness on us and took upon himself our sin, our shame, our dead works. Because we could never attain to the standard of righteousness that God demands, Jesus, who was perfect and sinless – All Righteous – did it for us. And thus, I am not righteous because of what I do or don’t do, but rather, I am righteous because of what Jesus did. I don’t and can’t earn righteousness by what I do because it’s not an act but a state of being in Christ. It is in this ultimate demonstration of love that I find my identify. And as Christ rose from the dead victorious, So I am made alive in Christ, righteous and in good standing before God.

Here’s the truth, we do good works from a place of righteousness and not for righteousness. This is what I believe as a Christian. It is at foundation of my beliefs and is at the core of everything I value.

I don’t know whether or not the Chinese language has its origin in the book of Genesis but what I do know is that Christ is The Lamb over me and that I am covered by His Righteousness.

Diapers, who knew they could be so important – for our sanity? Here’s a short video on how to avoid screaming, crying and kicking by interjecting diaper changes during play time.

More tips and tricks coming soon. :)