Why YWAM Kona

 Missions in Hawaii?

You bet!

The truth is Hawaii’s strategically located as a springboard into the nations, bridging the pacific islands and Asia with North America.

In the last 40 years, The University of Nations in Kona has become a training ground for over 50,000 missionaries. This “Combination between global and localglocal” community works with ground-breaking models like the food machine, water for life, justice water, millenium reign energy, and the Maverick flying car, which has helped improve the quality of life for people around the world.

Will it get any better? I think so!

The University of Nations in Kona is building a 30,000 sq. ft transmedia studio, ushering in the next generation of artists to equip and send out. Did you know that Kona has 11 of the the world’s 13 climate zones? Because of this, Lokahi Studios has decided to film, produce and direct a three part trilogy movie based on David and his mighty men. This will put Kona on the map, just like the Lord of the Rings did for New Zealand – creating new jobs, boosting local and international economy.

To accomodate the influx of staff, students and visitors, a 20,000 sq ft dorm and a 40,000 sq. ft kitchen/cafeteria is being built, with the help of Extreme Home Makeover’s Rush Behnke.

The challenge? Finishing it all in 2 MONTHS!

So call it missions, ministry or mambo jumbo. But whether we like it or not, a succeeding wave is coming – where individual spheres of society: the church, marketplace, government, education, family life, media and arts is converging. Imagine this diverse group of people full of innovative ideas and working together in harmony. I believe this unity can bring about a refreshing experience of the body of Christ (the church) into our culture.

Just like the previous generation who pioneered a way for us. We hope to build a bridge for the next generation and believe that it starts with Kona.

So, it’s official, on January 2013, we’re packing our bags and moving to paradise on earth. We’ve committed two years in the prime of lives to see how BIG and GOOD God can be. After all, just 2 years ago, we didn’t think our talents in business, marketing, media and sustainable food practices could fit into the mould of missions.

Looks like it can and it has.

So let me ask you a question, wanna join us?


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